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From gaming suggestions to basic explanations to tournament information, we will provide you with the articles you need to learn about using an online Casino and getting the most out of it. Whether you are a casual player looking to spend a few dollars or someone with the experience and the will to do more, you will find what you need here.

Too many people slip into the online gaming world without really understanding it. They are misled by the promise of top graphics and extra bonuses. We hope to stop that pattern. Instead, we will give you the information to discern what the best Casino options are and how they apply to you. Because that is what really matters: your satisfaction. Here, we hope to show you how to find that, rather than just stumbling from one system to another without understanding it.

Our Casino articles are easy to follow and easier to apply to your life. Which is what you are supposed to do. Your gaming style, your casino needs are unique. So why should you settle for something that doesn't work with them? Instead, you learn how to look for the best options and how to avoid becoming just another victim of clever software. With these articles, you can get the information you need to do the playing you want. And that makes all the difference.

You will not be one of the many who signs up for the first thing you see, downloading software you don't need. Instead, you will be the one who knows what to look for and how to best decide what is right for you. You can have the selection and know how to navigate it.

No matter what your needs, we will provide the suggestions and the strategies to make online gaming an easier thing. You should not be forced into choosing a system that doesn't work for you, nor should you be overwhelmed with the selections and not know what to do with them. Instead, you learn the basics and find the answers you need. We'll help you with that.

Casino information made for you: easy and accessible.

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Itay Paz is the VP Marketing of B4playing Ltd. , a tool that treats every user as a VIP. It gives you the online gambling information you want, when you want it. It eliminates your need to search for any current information related to online gambling. Sign up for B4Playing Tool, and take the advantage of it today by visiting the website at
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Where To Find The Best Online Poker by Itay Paz

Pacific Poker: The Best Online Poker

It is difficult to define the best online poker site. It can mean different things for different people. We will not list all of those definitions here as it would take page after page to do so. What we will tell you, though, is the website that we rank as the place to find the best online poker. Some may (and probably will) disagree. Others will not. For a website that provides you with the security and gaming privileges that you need, we suggest looking to Pacific Poker.

Pacific Poker: Site Overview

As part of Casino On Net (often considered the world's largest and first online gaming system), you can be sure that this will offer the same quality and security found there. It tends to favor the Texas Hold'em variety and the tournaments will usually offer healthy winnings in that. While some may find the gaming selection a bit limited, we prefer to think of it as streamlined and to the point.

Pacific Poker: What You Need

As with any site, your first concern should be with security. You are, after all, playing with your money. You need to feel safe with that. Pacific Poker makes constant updates to their safety methods, bringing you the latest and best. This is a reflection on their sister site Casino On Net. You can feel protected here.

Also, you need to look for a selection of games. You do not want to continually play the same thing over and over again. Pacific Poker does tend to keep its options fewer than other sites but it still offers the ones you need (Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, etc.). You will not be without things to do. And, of course, the staff at Pacific Poker is available around the clock and even give live chats.

You have tournaments here, as well as above average pay-outs. The chances to win are better than most casinos. And, of course, making transactions is a simple thing. Pacific Poker offers multiple options for payment. You will be able to find one that suits you.

With Pacific Poker, you can find what we consider to be the best online poker. You get security and selection.
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Itay Paz is the VP Marketing of B4playing Ltd. , a tool that treats every user as a VIP. It gives you the online gambling information you want, when you want it. It eliminates your need to search for any current information related to online gambling. Sign up for B4Playing Tool, and take the advantage of it today by visiting the website at
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Friday, March 30, 2007

What prevents a gambler from winning a lot?

What prevents a strong gambler who plays the game for at least 12 hours a day, from winning a lot? It is his unwillingness to stop. The adrenalin knocks out his brains completely. He rushes to win back having lost some money even if he is rather tired. Having won a thousand pounds he thinks is not enough and tries more. He wants to snatch a large sum forgetting how much money he has already lost in casinos all over the world. But previously they were drinks and shows which disturbed him. Now it is tiredness. If you try to see your favorite movies for 10-12 hours you will not be able to reason properly. He has to fight on several tables at a time and look up in the notes and make up decisions. The sums are often times as much as my some monthly salaries. Of course it is not hard for me to log a program in his computer which disconnects him in 8 hours. But this corruption will deprive of one of my friends.
So having experience of watching an addicted gambler for years I can give you some advice. If you start the game not for getting some adrenaline but to enjoy and win or loose a little first estimate your abilities. You should define your money and time limits for more productive work. Never exceed whatever you would see in the perspective. The game is not the prize but hard work. If you think differently – Viva Las Vegas!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Want To Win In The Net Casino Playing Omaha Poker, Get Ready To Get Up At 8 O’Clock.

You can’t speak about the advantages of the Net casino without mentioning its serious drawbacks. The major advantage for a really good gambler, while playing at the table, is a possibility of watching the others: their mimics and emotions. Every successful pro card gambler knows that Poker is a game of general strategy, basic tactical skills useful in all forms of poker, and a game of intense psychology. And those who blindfold rely on good luck then only cry at their empty bank account.
A good player first must figure out of getting a win combination and must not forget to predict the competitor’s reaction. You have to be a great physiognomist. A strong player can tell about his opponents a lot at first sight. Unfortunately, this rule has the rare side. A weak player, who has not enough experience in playing Poker, Black Jack and others, can identify a pro at once, too. So if you want to be a success in the Net Casino, it is worth examining your opponents closely. And then classify your knowledge. Let's first go over the general strategy. There are 2 things you should quickly figure out when you enter a no-limit poker game:
1. What types of players are my opponents?
2. How many hands go to a showdown?
Generally, people speak of four types of players: tight-passive, tight-aggressive, loose-passive, loose-aggressive. The first modifier (tight or loose) characterizes the number of hands the person plays while the second (passive or aggressive) describes the player's betting style. Most players agree that the group loose-aggressive should be divided into two parts: maniacs and solid players. Let's go over each of these types of players.
Tight-passives: These people do fine in a fixed-limit game, but they won't win much money in a no-limit game. This is because they do not get full value out of their winning hands. When playing against these players:
1. Bluff at the flop a lot.
Put in a raise preflop and try to take down the pot at the flop.
2. Fold when they represent a hand.
If they bet a little, they're probably on a draw or have a weak possession. In this case, you should still stick with your hand if you hold something decent. If they bet a lot, they probably possess a solid hand.
3. Take advantage of your control. Don't go wild with your bluffs though. You should still fold preflop when you have nothing. If you make a flop bluff, you should think twice before making another bluff on the turn. Also, you can still win a fair amount of money off of these types of players when you hold a good hand.
Essentially, you can quickly tame these players into being calling stations or folding stations. If one of these players is making a lot of money against you while being a calling or folding station, you are doing something seriously wrong. These players are common, and you will certainly play against quite a few.
Loose-passives: They have to hope that people continually bluff into them because these people will call frequently with the second best hand. Calling with the second best hand is a recipe for disaster at no-limit games. You often will not see many loose-passives playing no-limit hold'em because they lose money too quickly playing the game. If you are fortunate enough to have a loose-passive player at your table, just win money off of him by making mid-sized bets when you hold a good hand.
Maniac loose-aggressive: These guys will buy a fair share of pots. However, they will often get themselves trapped and will lose their stacks in one or two hands. What separates these from good loose-aggressive opponents is that they lack discipline. They love the action of no-limit so much that they get themselves trapped too easily. These types of players are rare.
Strong loose-aggressive: These guys seem like they are horrible maniacs, but in reality, they are a very dangerous form of player. These guys will certainly lose a lot of money in pots, but they also will buy a lot of pots and will win huge ones. The way these types of players win is mainly by getting a good read on the opponent and then making a well-timed bet.
One trick you can use to beat these guys is to take them down in one big pot. Since these guys will play a lot of hands, especially shorthanded, they'll often play hands that lend themselves to being the second best hand. Once you catch them in this situation, you just have to make sure
You don't let them go too easily. Another tip is to make sure you are playing in a game where the money is not too meaningful to you. You should not let these players scare you financially when they make a large bet or raise. You need to be able to play back at these guys (re-raise) or call them down.
These types of players also only do well when players have large stacks. If you or the loose-aggressive player has a small stack, you are at an advantage because their ability to bluff is limited.
Tight-aggressive: (This is Alex’s style) the tight-aggressive opponents’ main problems are that they may get bluffed out too easily and that they may be too easily read.

A friend of mine, who is the best Omaha Hi-Low Poker player I know, joins the game only in a few Net Casinos. But he is not a good computer user and cannot set up an electronic index. His desk is covered with notes about manners of his usual partners. He always knows who can play aggressively and who is very careful. Studying the nicknames he realizes the real people with their merits and drawbacks. Unfortunately his knowledge has not let him go in with the Forbs list, though the family’s budget is not poor because of his addiction to the game. Anyway he is not going to become a secret player in the nearest future.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

What can be wrong with a gambler in a casino?

What can be wrong with a gambler in a casino? Nothing if you want to relax well, to watch a show with long-legged girls, to drink some alcohol. Nothing if you want to have a good time and get some money. But if you visit a casino to play for a win all of this brothel (all mentioned enjoyments) serve for preventing your win. How can you concentrate your mind on the Poker if all around looks like an airport in Christmas. And the gambler has other big problem: there is so much alcohol around him. All of it is for an amateur. Pro gamer has more trouble. Alex has many “friends” who wanted to drink with him, to talk with him and to look how he wins. Sometimes “for their pleasure” he lost a lot of his money. But each second pretender wanted to know something about his strategy in Omaha hi-low or Black Jack. Someone wanted to take a lot of money for “next Monday”. I don’t know about you, but I can lose all my money in less “friendly” than this climate. And another reason is pro gamer can’t play through because he has a credit in some casino. And he has a famous problem he can’t stop. So I had a similar one to stop Alex. It was impossible. I tried again but how you could stop a running bison! Sorry I can’t. Now he is sitting at home and playing Poker. And he can’t loose all. I know his wife: no tequila, no girls, and no casino. And there is no account to have a credit in the Net.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When I asked Alex why he played only Hi-Low Poker. He said Shit happened! But later he explained to me that this game was hard, but very interesting. He takes pleasure when he is in the game. And he has a real chance to be a winner because he plays with other gamers not with casino. If you want to have profit, he said, you shouldn't go to Las Vegas . You should play in virtual casino with real people without real drinks. We must be realistic casinos always have us. But it’s so hard 'to have' a casino!

Why I like Omaha High-Low Poker most of all?

My best friend Alex is a poker gamer. Many years ago we made business together and had good money. But then he visited the first casino, second… He has a mathematics mind and at the first time he was so lucky! I must say that all of this time I ran through many casinos with him. I saw my wife and my son less than Alex. And now I can say that I am an expert in casinos, games as a poker, black jack, rules and other crazy experiments. When he lost more than one million dollars, he stopped to play with casino and began to play with other gamers. Maybe it’s made him unhappy, but how happy I was! I said 'No' for free tequila, 'No' for free cigars. I stopped eating at night and lost more than 20 kg! And Alex stopped loosing his money. Now he is sitting in front of his computer and taking a lot of money (and gaining a lot of weight)! His wife is sorry about good old times when she saw him rarely. But I have a big problem. I can’t have so much information about Omaha Hi-Low Poker. And I must prevent my death. I must tell anybody all I know.